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Know Your Employer

Teach in Ontario

Successful occasional teaching often begins with the preparation that takes place before the assignment. There are a number of things that you can do to prepare for success in this role.

Do research about board initiatives and foci. This information is readily available on the school board website. This knowledge will help you make sense of the programs and initiatives that are in place in the schools. School board websites provide information about:

  • Board mission statement
  • Director’s message
  • Provincial assessment (EQAO) results
  • School Community Council
  • Maps
  • Code of conduct
  • Child care
  • News
  • Registration information
  • Parent resources
  • Transportation information
  • Special education
  • Programs offered
  • Information for new Canadians
  • Board strategic direction
  • Policy and procedure
  • Online learning
  • Extra-curricular and student opportunities
  • School year calendar
  • Safe school initiatives
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Character development
  • Curriculum and report card information
  • Student resources
  • Notice of special events and meetings
  • List of schools

Visit school websites to learn about each school. This will provide you with the knowledge necessary to fit your skills into the practices of each school to which you are assigned. Each school in the board will be aligned with the board’s initiatives, but the form that these initiatives take in each school may be quite different. It is a good idea to create index cards containing information about each school so you can refresh your knowledge about the school prior to arrival. School board websites provide information about:

  • School mission statement
  • Provincial assessment (EQAO) results
  • Safe school initiatives
  • School profile
  • Newsletters
  • Special events
  • Course calendar
  • Support services
  • Principal’s message
  • School Community Council
  • Transportation
  • Extra-curricular opportunities
  • School year calendar
  • Code of conduct
  • Library resources
  • Bell schedule
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